About us

Mitozenly is a brand dedicated to crafting exquisite camping essentials and providing integrated camping services. Our core values revolve around blending camping seamlessly into everyday life, offering an eco-friendly and comfortable lifestyle.

Our journey began with a deep passion for the camping experience. The founders of Mitozenly are avid outdoor enthusiasts who believe that camping is not just a way to travel but a way of life. We strive to infuse the essence of refined camping into your daily routines, giving them greater meaning.

Our target audience consists of individuals who yearn for the camping lifestyle and outdoor adventures. They value meticulous attention to detail and seek an environmentally conscious and comfortable way of living. Whether exploring the great outdoors or embracing the tranquility of their homes, our products provide them with perfect solutions.

At Mitozenly, we cover everything related to camping essentials. From lightweight camping tools to outdoor furniture, lamps, tents, stoves, tableware, cookware, mountain woodcraft, and mountain clothing, we aim to incorporate aesthetic design elements, practicality, and beauty into each product.

We prioritize a distinct design philosophy at Mitozenly. We embrace a niche and refined style, meticulously refining every detail. Our products are lightweight, portable, and offer excellent value for money. Their unique features and innovative designs set them apart from competitors.

Currently, Mitozenly operates as a design-oriented factory. We have online sales channels in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Europe, and America.

Through our products, we aspire to provide customers with a comfortable, convenient, and nature-centric camping experience. Whether embarking on outdoor adventures or enjoying the serenity of home, we are committed to offering you unique and unforgettable experiences, enriching your life with meaning.

Mitozenly invites you to explore the wonderful world of refined camping with us!